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Spotify Technology S.A. is a Swedish music streaming and media services provider. It is legally domiciled in Luxembourg and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 2006, the company mainly provides an audio streaming platform, the "Spotify" platform, that offers DRM-restricted music and podcasts from record labels and media companies. As a freemium service, basic features are free with advertisements or automatic music videos. Additional features, such as offline listening and commercial-free listening, are offered via paid subscriptions. Launched in October 2008, the Spotify platform provides access to over 50 million tracks. Users can browse by parameters such as artist, album, or genre, and can create, edit, and share playlists. Spotify is available in most of Europe and the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Africa and Asia, and on most modern devices, including Windows, macOS, and Linux computers, and iOS, and Android smartphones and tablets. Since February 2018, it has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange. As of April 2020, the company had 286 million monthly active users, including 130 million paying subscribers

One angry customer shared this in a review, "I was offered 6 months premium Spotify through a retailer via email after an online purchase. I redeemed the offer, so I thought. Subscription fees were taken, I checked the FAQ which said it would probably be pre-authorization or would be refunded. Next month subscription fee was taken and no refund from last month. Contacted Spotify through their online chat. Took 40 minutes to be told I was not eligible for the offer because I had a premium account already. I explained I had not heard of Spotify before and had not had a Spotify account before I redeemed the offer. I asked the agent to check the code I used had been redeemed. I was told someone would contact me via email. I received an email repeating what the agent had told me, would be surprised if the agent sent it himself. Emailed the retailer received auto response email saying email address no longer in service."


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"Apesar da operação mundial ser enorme, o escritório no Brasil é muito pequeno, e faltam recursos básicos, como a presença de um RH local. Praticamente não há a possibilidade de fazer um plano de carreira dentro da empresa, seja em movimentos horizontais ou verticais. No geral, não há incentivos de mobilidade para outras áreas ou outros países."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Great company & values. Average benefits. Great NYC location but absolutely horrible middle management. Too many people wanting to be superstars and there is no sense of belonging or team."

Finance (Former Employee) says

"Pros: -Great perks like premium Spotify, free food, and alcohol -Great brand on your resume Cons -Long working hours from 7 am to midnight for 7 days a week -No work life balance -Management doesn't care about the wellbeing of employees -No advancement and give false promises -Frown upon when takes vacation or lunch break (end up losing vacation days) -All the great party are fake because managers won't let you go so depends on what team you are in Overall, it's great for someone who wants to work for one year and get the experience then move on to somewhere better. Too much restructuring and mid-management is inexperience. Talents are hired from other great companies but this company has poor onboarding and HR so beware!"

Finance Department (Current Employee) says

"I joined Spotify at a time where we still had that techy-start up feel, although we were 10 years old. It was still a place where although you worked hard, you played harder and there were an abundance of socializing activities that bonded you to your colleagues across the various functions. Management WAS great (they were mostly Swedish) and you truly felt they cared for and helped you professionally (career development) as well as personally if need be. Sadly, this is no longer the case.Free lunch, free healthcareParanoid culture. Long hours. Out of touch management."

Promotora comercial (Former Employee) says

"Trato con gente joven para promocionar una herramienta que uso a diario.DinámicoInestable"

Customer Service Advisor and Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"Fun place with nice people, horrible corporate work culture. Expect your manager to say things like 'You work when we tell you to work, the hours on your contract are just a guideline"."

Employee (Current Employee) says

"It's a great place with great culture and perks. Employees all enjoy hanging out together and are all friends outside of work. Mostly everyone on the ground are open minded about meeting new people and trying new things which creates a great lunch environment. (People often eat together during lunch time and sit with different people) However because it's managed by leads in a different country, Sweden, it's often times hard to align interests between the different cultures. Poor managers are allow to remain in senior positions because there hasn't been enough documented cases to see a trend in the poor management. Communication about changes in the organization from Sweden to the US is often lacking and unclear."

Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Spotify is awesome, the culture is unmatched, however, the pay is probably some of the lowest in the market. If you can get over that, you'll enjoy the benefits of meeting some of the best in music and working with awesome people."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Not remembering that people are humans and not robots. And that humans can only do their best at work and not more. But I did learn to engage more n my German speaking-workers were very nice. The hardest part was not be able to have enough time to give the customer and good response and accurate more time to explain because of the time teasToo much was expected"

Bilingual Customer Support Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Very pleasant and professional environment. Indispensable to work with other departments and adapt to new changes and improvements in the work process."

Andy says

"constantly changing their terms and no customer service to think of"

Tara Golisch says

"Spotify has wasted the time of a long term subscriber over an amount of money that is petty to a billion dollar company. They refuse to honor the $90 in gift cards I was given, saying that I would have to downgrade my subscription to one without Hulu to be able to use them. Why would I do that? I can't get that deal back. They refuse to connect me with a supervisor and have stopped returning my emails. Just pathetic."

Wendy Hampton says

"I’ve been subscribing to Spotify premium for around 2 years & not had a problem. Then i was downgraded to adverts & the free subscription. I paid for premium through my phone contract with 3 . I checked with them, they confirmed that I was paying for premium. I also checked my bank statements & they confirmed this to. I have written numerous e mails to Spotify who state they can’t find my account also tried to cancel my subscription through 3 as I wasn’t getting premium. They said they would charge me £5 a month to do this! When I said I would cancel the whole phone contract they finally agreed to put the matter into dispute with Spotify. They have 21 days to respond. In the meantime I’m still getting nowhere’ with their completely useless customer service. They just send you on a merry go round. Sick of them"

Shawna Marshall says

"⚠️⚠️⚠️Politically Bias⚠️⚠️⚠️ Spotify chose to delete half of the country... let’s show them why that’s a stupid move."

Stephen Morey says

"Have just cancelled my Spotify Premium music subscription service due to being outraged that the company is using MY subscription money to pay Harry & Meghan £18 MILLION pounds. Like these two privileged freeloaders need any more money, especially my hard earned dosh. If the owner of Spotify wants to donate to charities he/she just needs to google 'children's charities, cancer charities, mental health charities', you get the picture, and cut out these two wasters using our money to buy their next Bentley. Personally I think it is nothing more than the owner of spotify seeking self-aggrandisement by paying heavily to suck up to a fired royal. I'm off to Amazon HD Music."

Elise Eriksen says

"Crap! I’ve been a Spotify customer, have paid for Spotify for close to a year!! I upgraded iOS on my iPhone 11 Pro Max and now Spotify app allows me non subscriber access. WHAT A JOKE!! I paid $9.99 on 12/14, but can’t access Spotify without ads. I did read somewhere online Spotify is doing this to paid subscribers. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO SPOTIFY Save your Money. I’m assuming Spotify is short on revenue, and now paid subscribers are having to listen to commercials?? Input or comments appreciated"

Mackenzie Franco says

"They are thieves and gluttons and they treat artists badly too much, they should denounce this company."

Gena Ferde says

"Spotify got increasingly worse in regards to customer satisfaction. People can no longer register a Spotify account easily because of Spotify's anti-privacy captcha system that does not accommodate privacy-respecting internet browsers. People can no longer listen to music on Spotify easily without being bombarded with extremely repetitive advertisements unless they pay for subscriptions. People can no longer cancel their subscriptions on Spotify easily without having to tell their banks to stop charges on their bank accounts. Because Spotify is controlled by thieves who do not honour an honest process that will allow people to cancel subscriptions in an easy way. People can no longer have proper customer support on Spotify's customer support website. Celebrities, music artists, and marketers have the audacity to promote this trashy platform for customers to buy their products."

Charlie-bad Behaviour-power says

"It's not a very safe platform, I use a strong password yet my account gets used by at least 2 other unknown devices leaving me fighting for control. Pressing sign everyone out does nothing. You can't call Spotify so are left in the rubbish. Until they are safer would suggest not using them."

Marissa Riani says

"Would give -100 stars if I could! This service is absolutely terrible! Not intuitive and good luck cancelling.. I had to ask my bank to block them after 10, no joke 10!!! Attempts to cancel. Stick with YouTube Music. So much better than this lousy excuse to steal your money"

geraldine says

"Seriously what is wrong with these people? Took their offer of three month free premium. Never got the premium features, still ad after ad and no upgrade whatsoever. Instead I was charged from day one - so much for the free trial. Quit after a month, still got charged for two further months. Tried to contact them to no avail, was send around in their Mary-go-round circus of dead end links and forms that bring you right to where you started. Managed at some point to send in a form with my complaint only to receive an automatic response that put me right where I started. The only ‘offer’ of help I got was to join the Spotify Community, so now the customers are supposed to help each other to navigate this labyrinth? Great idea ... if you are Spotify and want to spend zero bugs on customer service. Luckily PayPal canceled any further payments and tries to get my money back. Never ever again. Stay away from this scam company as far as you can. If you don’t get your money back, report them to your local authorities, this is the only language they will understand."

John bulloch says

"Double charged for 1 account asked for transaction number given, no luck 50 minutes typing, end result need a 6 digit number called bank got it ,30 minutes need a numbers that start with po,call bank no such numbers as bank said they have every single transaction numbers related to the overcharge,its a con if you notice youl have a drain of a time trying to get it fixed out 10£ do not sign up go to any other provider no call center typing scams no human contact is easiest way to fxxk you over"

Neil says

"A very poor experience for me to be honest, all starting from confusing marketing emails sent direct from Spotify, the first offering premium on a 3for1 month option, then the following day, once I had signed up for this offer and paid £9.99, I received a 3 months free offer? I requested a refund as to take up the free offer which was processed, now I am advised neither offer applies as I was a premium customer in the past, so why email me misleading offers, clearly the marketing team/processes need to be heavily reviewed as not to entice customers with offers that are not available within their account? Be aware everyone as new accounts are all they seem interested in?"

Corin says

"Spotify Premium has taken too much money from me in the past 2 months. After submitting my student ID and contacting the Spotfy Service for 1 hour, they do not want to pay back the amount I paid too much. Everything is just for profit from what pisses me off"

M. Albrecht says

"I used to be a more or less satisfied customer of this service, with its library being halfway decent for non-mainstream music AND a variety of podcasts. However, their apps are buggy and there doesn't seem to be a proper bug-reporting system in place. Recently I reported a couple of bugs and ran into the worst nightmare of "customer service" I have ever experienced. Even Amazon's outsourced "we don't speak any language" service does a better job of at least trying to resolve an issue. Spotify's service got me as far as wanting to quit, when ONE staff member convinced me to give them another try by creating a copy account - I agreed and asked to proceed, which made them restart the complete support process from scratch, ignoring the previous achievement. I am now in a state that I never want to deal with this company again - only because of a support team that seems to have one goal in mind only: make customers as unhappy as anyhow possible. Used to favor "smaller" companies (pun intended) to counteract the power of the big ones. Now I wish one of the biggies offered the same variety of content that Spotify has."

James Kavhiza says

"Hate the fact that iv been with them for years paying £14 99 and have never been offered some sort of discount to the point iv left and gone back to the old downloading days thinking might get an email with a returning customer family plan offer you cant resist but no loyalty to those wanting to return customers nope nothing so im still downloading and have downloaded all my 6k tracks 😃😁"

Sam Fowler says

"Good for variety. Why 2*? - If you have an android, you immediately get a better experience with Spotify. They allow android users to use Spotify playlists and podcasts as an alarm, how cool is that?? BUT, if you’re an iPhone user? Get lost! And they have 0 intent on solving this! Totally unfair when you realise you’ll be paying the exact same amount! - Broken. The play bar bobs up and down (isn’t still and flush to the bottom of the phone), clicking on popular titles for an artist will cancel any song you’re currently listening to, and not play anything at all! Regardless of how much you click it! Up next/ queue is rubbish, if you accidentally click on a title low in the queue, there’s no easy way of getting back to where you were. I have playlists with thousands of songs so it can be real annoying when I spend ages sorting a queue just to have it go down the drain with a single misclick! It can actually be quite stressful. - Algorithm pushes particular artists I have absolutely no interest in. Travis scott is nowhere near my fav artist why is he in that category?? Please solve the problem with the alarm. Or get iPhone users to pay slightly less. But paying the same for a lesser experience is enough to have you lose my custom. Second comes the queue."

Bea M says

"I have been having problems with the Spotify app on my PC. It doesn't play any song and just keeps skipping every single song that I try to play. It has been going on for at least a month now and I have tried all kinds of fix but nothing worked. It's a total waste of money. I'm honestly considering pulling out my premium subscription at this point."

Honest Reviews says

"Review from not just a listener but an Artist. From a listener point of view i love spotify. I do think the price however is far too much considering the artists who make the music you listen to get paid 0.007% of it (or less). It's honestly so horrible that the music industry is being destroyed and used by these sort of companies. Even if you manage to be a big artist and you can get upwards of 1 million streams on a song, you're still better off financially working in a kitchen washing dishes. That seems insane to me."

Langyr r says

"Good app, but my account was hacked and I couldn't even contact support."

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